The Projet Adaptation PA is coordinated by the Coastal Zones Research Institute Inc. under the terms of a cooperation agreement with the Acadian Peninsula Forum of Mayors.

Valores is a private centre of applied research which offers its expertise to industrial clients as well as communities. Its areas of specialty are aquaculture, fishery and marine by-products, peat, soil and sustainable development. Valores offers numerous research and development services, including analytical (laboratory) services. For more information, go to the Valores website at

Since 2011, the CZRI, now called Valores, has worked alongside communities in the Acadian Peninsula in their efforts to adapt to climate change. Its role is to coordinate the activities of the Projet Adaptation PA, perform some required studies and couch scientific information in layperson’s terms for communities.

Valores performs the following activities:

  • Strategic planning exercises
  • Cost-benefit analyses of strategies
  • Technical studies (e.g., monitoring of sediment dynamics)
  • Evaluation of strategy feasibility
  • Public consultations
  • Communication and awareness
  • The authorities concerned (owners, municipal and provincial governments, etc.) are responsible for choosing and implementing adaptation solutions.


  • Marion Tétégan Simon, PhD, Scientific Director Peatland, Soils and sustainable development
  • Thomas Grandprez, research professional in environmental management
  • Marie Pirlet, research professional in environmental management
  • Frédéric Haché, project manager, Peatland, Soils and sustainable development
  • Student interns

Available speakers

Ambassadors are available to give conferences, presentations in schools or to facilitate discussions, workshops or set up booths at events, etc. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Erosion and flooding
In the example above, see the evolution of coastal erosion in the Pigeon Hill area from 1944 to 2012. Move the arrows!

A rigorous process

Scenarios and risks

icon scenario
Gain better knowledge of damage risks and risks to human health posed by erosion and flooding.

Maps and zoning

icon cartes
Delineate areas at risk based on recommendations.

Priorities and potential strategies

icon priorites
Identify and prioritise elements at stake within risk areas.

Evaluation and strategy selection

icon evaluations
Conduct more extensive studies for some of the adaptation measures under consideration.

Implement plans

icon plan
Define the details on when and how the actions will be taken and implemented.

Project progression

Follow the progress of the project in your community using the interactive map.

View the map

Possible solutions

Adapting to climate change requires the implementation of several complementary measures on the same territory to ensure the safety of both the public and infrastructures. Here are some possible solutions.