In terms of climate change, adaptation means taking steps to continue to feel safe at home and in our communities in spite of the changes that are taking place.

Adapting to climate change is a safety issue!

Raising one’s house above the forecast flood level to avoid damage is a good example of adaptation.

Adaptation – a process of adjusting to the current or anticipated climate, as well as its consequences. In the context of the rising sea level, adaptation refers to the efforts that are made in order to prepare. Adaptation therefore is aimed at maintaining the quality of life of those who adapt. Several adaptation approaches exist. In coastal areas, the main approaches are protection, accommodation and retreat.

Adaptation EN


The Projet Adaptation PA is an undertaking, an approach, a process...
It’s also people, communities, organizations, etc., that are working and learning together.
The ultimate goal of the project: a plan to reduce current and future impacts of coastal erosion and flooding in all the Acadian Peninsula communities that are at risk.

Climate changes are long-term changes in the Earth’s climate- air and ocean temperatures, prevailing winds and marine currents, and precipitation (rain and snow) levels- which are directly or indirectly caused by human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels and land use. As a result of these activities, changes occur more quickly than they would naturally.

Erosion and flooding
In the example above, see the evolution of coastal erosion in the Pigeon Hill area from 1944 to 2012. Move the arrows!

A rigorous process

Scenarios and risks

icon scenario
Gain better knowledge of damage risks and risks to human health posed by erosion and flooding.

Maps and zoning

icon cartes
Delineate areas at risk based on recommendations.

Priorities and potential strategies

icon priorites
Identify and prioritise elements at stake within risk areas.

Evaluation and strategy selection

icon evaluations
Conduct more extensive studies for some of the adaptation measures under consideration.

Implement plans

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Define the details on when and how the actions will be taken and implemented.

Project progression

Follow the progress of the project in your community using the interactive map.

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Possible solutions

Adapting to climate change requires the implementation of several complementary measures on the same territory to ensure the safety of both the public and infrastructures. Here are some possible solutions.